In the past few months I have been dealing with a client of mine, a local Glen Eden resident Glen Green. Which is all very interesting because Glen is a great guy. But his story is what I want to tell you about here.

Glen has use his past experiences with the New Zealand police force and dealing with youth that let’s just say they found themselves on a different track than most of the community. In 2011 Glen founded the “There’s a Better Way (TABW) Foundation. His positive attitude and can-do approach is based on the premise of in a rapidly changing world where more negativity is expanding, it is an ongoing challenge to keep our faith in one another. Remembering what’s important and what keeps us together, understanding and embracing our past but being bold enough to develop new positive structures into the future. Being strong enough to challenge negative concepts that impact our daily lives and threaten our safety on the streets and in our homes. Developing community light models and educating future generations in ways to help those in need around them. For these Communities to be a part of the solution, empowered with resources and commitment to make a real positive impact.

Since 2011 There’s a Better Way (TABW) foundation has had the opportunity to: 

  • Donate approximately one hundred and fifty thousand dollars’ worth of basketballs and playing gear to various New Zealand Communities.
  • Held numerous free basketball events throughout New Zealand and overseas.
  • Designed and built an elite portable basketball system, which has allowed world class resources to be utilised within the most remote communities.
  • Encouraged youth from the streets to play on the world 3×3 stage.
  • TABW continues to provide mentors and positive role models for thousands of youth and their families


This all started with one thought – There must be a better way.


At present Glen and his team are working feverously on The BetterWay Colesseum Arena. Purpose built 3×3 basketball courts at Pulman Park South Auckland.


To find out more about this inspiring man and his wonderful vision visit There’s a Better Way web site at Whilst you are there read the stories of some of the young man who have had their lives changed. Read more

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BetterWay Colesseum Arena

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